Thursday, November 18, 2010

Pamela Anderson on a cleaning spree in the Big Boss 4 house

As the housemates are trying to get used to Pamela’s presence in the house of Big Boss, Pamela seems to have got on well with some of the housemates. The guys in the house are definitely excited and Ashmit and Hrishant have started working out with double enthusiasm while Veena and Sara seem to be jealous of Pamela who is now getting all the attention. However, Pamela seems quite cozy with the housemates as she has Paranthas prepared by Seema for breakfast.
Pamela was concentrating more on knowing her housemates and helping them with their activities as well. Following the delicious breakfast, Pamela got busy with cleaning the house as she took to floor sweeping with a broom. She wore a Sarong with shades of bright yellow.

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