Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Aruna Shields Photoshoot For Maxim Magazine Indian Edition

Aruna Shields Photoshoot For Maxim Magazine Indian Edition For The Month Of December 2010. Aruna Shields is an english born anglo-indian actress who started her bollywood career with Prince. She has already declared that she has no problem with exposing and we got to see it in her movie Mr Singh Mrs Mehta. Aruna flaunts her curve for the Photoshoot. You can check Sonakshi Sinha Maxim scans from Same issue. Checkout Aruna Shields.

Aishwarya Rai Launch Gold Collection

Bollywood Top actress Aishwarya Rai Bachchan launch  Longines Dolce Vita steel and gold collection ,in New Delhi and graced the launch

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Sonal Chauhan Hot Magazine Shoot

Bollywood  cute actresses Sonal Chauhan Photo Shoot For Magazine Shoot gave  geourgeous stills recently she studded her beauty for a shoot

Priyanka Chopra Photos takes an autorickshaw!

Recently when Priyanka Chopra had to reach a press meet on Pearls Wave, her car broke down and she hopped into an autorickshaw to reach the venue on time.

Since it was an initiative to support the girl child, Priyanka could not have skipped the conference. Even though the organizers offered to send another car, Priyanka did not waste time. She took an auto-rickshaw.

She did reach the venue on time and when she stepped out, the rickshaw driver humbly asked her for an autograph. She happily obliged.

Monday, December 13, 2010

Deepika Padukone Magazine Shoot

Bollywood top actress Deepika Padukone Latest Photo Shoot for magzine cover pages stills

Minissha Lamba Hot photo shoot

Bolllywood hot actresses Minissha lamba says that the genre lacks mass appeal and she now wants to do some “cliched masala” flicks and now she Lamba is currently working on a couple of comedies  HUM TUM AUR SHABANA and BHEJA FRY 2.

Was Sonakshi photoshopped or covered up?

Just when Sonakshi Sinha had set tongues wagging with rumours of a racy photoshoot for the cover of Maxim magazine's December issue, wearing naught but a barely-there bikini, it has now emerged that the cover that has actually hit the stands features her in a black dress instead.

The Maxim cover, with Shotgun Sinha's daughter wearing the green and white striped bikini, had been doing the rounds on the Internet.

It had apparently even shocked papa Shatrughan. But nowhere in the Maxim issue, which also has a sensuous photoshoot of her in a series of black and gray dresses and wraps, is she featured in a bikini.

So where is the cover picture from? Is it a fake, or was it withdrawn just before the magazine went into print? One theory says she did do the bikini shoot, but got cold feet under family pressure, consequently withdrawing it.

The other argument, in keeping with Sonakshi's retort to the mystery picture, is that it is cleverly photoshopped. "It's not me," she has said.

Just when the media was busy reporting on the 'bold move' by the Dabangg girl, who had earlier said she'd "never wear a bikini as she felt no need to expose," this mystery picture has left everyone even more curious.

Looking at the bikini picture, it's hard not to notice that the picture is airbrushed to show a svelte body form. While it is a known fact that bikini pictures of celebrities are often touched up, this one has her looking particularly thin for someone of Sonakshi's broad frame.

The picture spread inside the issue that has hit the stands has Sonakshi posing at clever angles, wearing clothes that are rather forgiving and flattering.

Why would she wear such clothes if she really had a bikini body to flaunt? While Sonakshi has lost a lot of weight (30 kg in one year by her own admission), she is no bikini-bod.

Ever since she first walked the runway in 2008, she has been known as a big girl with curves. Something she is also heard taking pride in. It maybe a while yet till we get to see Sonakshi's bold avatar.

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Exclusive Sonam Kapoor Photos

Bollywood hot  actress Exclusive Sonam Kapoor best of the best collection of  hot Exclusive Sonam Kapoor Photos

Friday, November 26, 2010

Kajol Mother Smoking in Public

Bollywood Hot beauty Kajol is feeling insulting because of her mother behavior. Kajol mother Tanuja caught smoking in public. Tanuja is a famous Veteran actress.

In a charity event for children, Kajol mother Tanuja and her friend Anjoo Mahendroo were caught while smoking.

Is she giving a suggestion to children?

They were not only smoking in public but also at the same time setting a bad example for the children present there at the event. 

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Deepika Padukone at Break Ke Baad Special & First Screening

Bollywood new coming movie Break Ke Baad Special & First Screening was held at Ketnav in Mumbai and so many celebs spotted over there and graced the show

Priyanka Chopra Latest Photo Shoot

Bollywood hot actresses Priyanka Chopra gave some photo shoot for Harper Bazaar Magazine she looks very hot and gorgeous.