Friday, February 26, 2010

Amrita Rao Hot Photos strips for mag!

Versatile to the core, Amrita Rao flits from glamorous to girl-next-door roles with ease and panache... Born and brought up in Mumbai, this Mangalorean beauty speaks Konkani at home. The girl Bollywood has slotted as the 'traditional type' sounds tired of her much tom-tomed 'girl-next-door' image.

She surprises us with her contemporary take on relationships and marriage. "I don't see any harm in people getting physical in a relationship before marriage. If there is romance, there is bound to be some level of physical intimacy between partners. As long as both partners are comfortable and they take precautions, it is their decision to take the relationship to that level before marriage or not."
Amrita Rao Hot Sizzling Photos

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